Italian Maritime Economy. New routes for growth Annual Report 2014

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Support our research project, register yourself and purchase the report With the first edition of the Annual Report, SRM collects the findings of the monitoring carried out by the Observatory in 2014, and provides a detailed picture of the current global and European scenario. More in detail, the first part of the study – pertaining to the current economic situation – provides insights and statistics on infrastructure, enterprise and on the most important indicators of the soundness of this sector in relation to the international context. Also pointing out the sentiment of the opinion leaders and focusing on the role of the South of Italy, always central in our studies, especially within this initiative. Lastly, the second part includes technical contributions that enrich the volume on topics of current interest, such as the Short Sea Shipping, Naval Gigantism, and the alliances among major carriers. Leaf through the book The First Annual Report (English and Italian version) may be purchased from this website in digital version, at a discounted price. To request the version on paper (30 euros + shipping costs) write to abstract-maritime-2014-eng
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