Focus on Business & Mezzogiorno


SRM possesses consolidated know-how in the field of studies and research on regional economic dynamics in their various forms: entrepreneurial, infrastructural, financial and social.

Our analyses enhance the local territories' potential, emphasizing the different sectoral configurations and the economic interrelations between production chains, with particular focus on Southern Italy in its national and international scope.

From agri-food to textile and from automotive to pharmaceutical and tourism, we analyse trajectories, competitive factors as well as technological and environmental challenges.

At the same time, another crucial area of our research activities is the services sector whose networking dynamics and socio-economic impact for citizens is vital, particularly for the Mezzogiorno area.

SRM | Focus on Business & Mezzogiorno


A wealth of information, specialised research staff and advanced statistical methodologies characterize our analyses.

A survey method that puts the real protagonists at the centre, featuring the views of companies, associations and institutions for quality research.

We disseminate the results of our work through publications and scientific seminars and consider these as means of dialogue for practitioners and policy makers.

Numerous national and international scientific and institutional collaborations with Universities, primary public and private Research Centers, Associations and Foundations with which we carry out Research, Periodical Reports and Magazines


Since 2004, we have been responsible for publishing and editing the international Journal 'Rassegna Economica' which is oldest banking publication in Italy founded in 1931 by Banco di Napoli. Also, since 1993 we have published the bi-annual journal 'Dossier Unione Europea' which focuses on monitoring European policies and their impact on our country's entrepreneurship and infrastructure. In addition, since 2012 we have been publishing 'Quaderni di Economia Sociale', a bi-annual journal that primarily deals with non-profit and social solidarity, published in collaboration with 'Fondazione con il Sud'.

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